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 A list of songs sung by
The Twitters
1. There's a big ship sailing
2. Going to the Zoo
3. Puff the Magic Dragon
4. The runaway train
5. The Unicorn song
6. Baidin Fheidhlimi
7. Put your finger in the air
8. My Bonnie lies over the Ocean
9. He's got the whole world
10. Molly Malone
11. Beidh aonach amarach
12. The Old lady who swallowed a Fly
13. All god's creatures
14. Oh Dear what can the matter be
15. Nelly the Elephant
16. Michael row the boat ashore

   The Twitters (Children Entertainers)

The Twitters
 Based in Ireland
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The importance of good folk songs and music for children is why the Twitters were formed. Being able to sing is using one of the most natural musical instruments we have at our disposal our voices. Danny Carthy who was the instigator of forming the Twitters has always enjoyed singing songs for children in schools with his own Guitar accompaniment, and it was the children’s love of the songs he sang and the pleasure they gave to the children that decided him to seek other singers and musicians with a love for good music to consider recording a CD of the songs he knew that children loved very much. Danny has been a professional folk singer for a very long time, and many years spent as lead singer with Ireland’s Fiddlers Green folk band. Having had a long friendship with Paul Malone who has had much experience not alone as a singer and harmoniser, but also as a multi talented musician playing Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin, and also as a comedian, performing the comedy circuit both here and abroad for many years. He approached Paul to join the team of The Twitters, which Paul was delighted to accept.

Also in the team of friends was the mad monk of folk singers and musicians John Deego Kid , of whom it has been said, has never worn shoes in his life, always open toed. John has such wonderful talents also as an acoustic Bass and Guitar player with a great love of vocals and harmonies to his credit. Like Danny and Paul he has worked as a professional musician for most of his life with groups like Napper Tandy. Once again John was delighted to be invited to join The Twitters. The Twitters are keeping alive all the wonderful folk songs of their childhood on their new CD with acoustic sounds and vocal harmonies, songs which are still very popular today, and have been the cornerstone of presenting this music for children. A child born today is no different than a child born 50 years ago, the only differences are the musical influences that are being presented to the children today. It would be our intention to keep children as young as possible for as long as possible with our songs and music.

“Keeping alive wonderful folk songs for children”

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