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   The Jam Tribute band, The Modfathers

The Modfathers (The Jam)
Based in Ireland (Dublin)
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Are a Three piece band and are a tribute act to 'The Jam'

The following write up was done by talented writer; Kieran Byrne, written in 2006. Press reviews: the voodoo lounge 27th june 2006...... I've seen many puppet bands in my time but the Modfathers are no voodoo dolls. An absolutely cracking gig at the Voodoo Lounge. What struck me particularly about the crowd reaction were comments overheard. Stuff like, "These boys are brilliant," "Jasus, isn't yer man good on the drums?" and "Cool guitarist." Great comments and true - but more surprising when you consider that many of the people making the comments wouldn't have what you'd call a 'mod history.'

Some of them wouldn't have known a Mod from a module. And that's why the gig was so good; the quality of the music even got through to non-mods. But for the rest of us, it was business as usual as axeman Collie, bassman Colum and Alan 'Funeral Pyre' Bates (drums) laced into a set that started its own pyre and really set the house ablaze. There were the usual mod stalwarts - The Jam's This Is the Modern World, Boy About Town, Strange Town, Down In the Tube Station . . . presented alongside the Purple Hearts' Frustration and Secret Affair's Time For Action. Quite a bit of '79, in fact. What really stood out for me, though, was singer/guitarist Colin 'Collie' Doyle's rendition of Love Reign O'er Me, an accoustic version played solo. Collie's played this one before, of course, but his performance of it at the Voodoo was sublime. This portion of the gig went down especially well with the crowd. Any muppet can learn to play the guitar - but to play with passion, and to transpose that feeling onto an audience, is another thing.

The crowd weren't disappointed as Collie treated them to the slow strum start of Behind Blue Eyes, which built into a fast guitar-ringing accoustic built on those famous Townshend chords. There were so many numbers on what proved to be quite a lengthy set. Visually, too, The Modfathers' stage set looked good. Onstage, the band were kicking ass music-wise while behind, up on the big screen, Mods were kicking Rockers asses as Quadrophenia whirred away - my own copy, incidentally. (yes, JK, I want it back!). I thought at first that maybe the gig was extra special because so many turned up. The place was packed to the rafters. Get out of the pack before they peel you back? Nobody wanted to leave this tin of sardines. But it wasn't just the crowd and the big turn out. The band have developed into a highly accomplished tight three-piece. They know their songs and they know their history. And every song on the night was a cracker. Crack on, boys..... article written by Kieran Byrne (the evening herald)

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