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Sidewinder Band
  Category:  Wedding / Corporate.
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Sidewinder was formed at the end of 2004 and we played our first gigs at the start of 2005 following 4 months of intensive rehearsals At our initial meeting we spoke of our musical tastes and realised that we both wanted to veer towards the more classic end of guitar based music with lots of vocal harmonies. We have more or less continued with that approach with the songs we play unless the function/venue requires something different to our norm. We compile or fine tune our own backing tracks and perform our own instrumentation and vocals as performed by the original artist. We normally play pubs but have being booked for numerous private functions by people at our pub gigs and in the last year we have played six weddings.  Simon carries out the DJ duties from 11.30pm to 2am on the day if required.

Simon: 12 String Acoustic, Vocals and harmonies, Mandolin  (Gig dependant) 

Liam: Lead guitar, Vocals and harmonies, Harmonica

Acoustic   (Gig dependant) 

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Booking enquiries

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