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 Based in Ireland.
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Our Quiz & Game Shows are more than questions and answers We create high quality multimedia productions which are fun, interactive, professional and exciting. We also provide very cost effective entertainment solutions including.
Professional Quiz Masters, AV and efferts lighting, quiz buzzers, remote control handsets and lockout systems, interactive digital productions and electronic score boards, customised paperless musical and cheat proof quizes.


Also Introducing.....

The all new Interactive Digital Game show that will keep you gripped to your seat

( includes award winning technology) 

This fun concept is truly amazing. Every team or table in the room is given a remote and questions are presented on the large screen with appropriate sound effects. Teams are given a limited time to respond using remotes. Everyone’s responses are then sent to the computer and recorded instantly. We can display at any moment the percentage of teams that have selected each answer followed by a display of correct answer. Teams choose from multiple choice answers to a question, and true or false questions, simply by pressing the corresponding number on the remote. Questions include music files, image files, movie clips etc, creating a visually entertaining interactive show. We can also include some of your own company related questions into the event or design a themed quiz (e.g., movies, music, sport, etc). Our special effects lighting system adds to the atmosphere to create a memorable game show experience. No paper, no error scoring, no long waits for results, no hassle, just great fun!

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