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   "Like a Rolling Stone" The Bob Dylan Story

"Like a Rolling Stone"
The Bob Dylan Story
Performed by J. Black

 Based in Ireland
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Bob Dylan is an incredible talent in the history of music, a unique singer songwriter, summed up by Tom Petty’s quote about the Traveling Wilburys, “We have the greatest singer in the world (Roy Orbison) and the greatest songwriter (Bob Dylan)”, and that was a band that included a Beatle! Bob Dylan use his voice, the guitar, the harmonica and the piano to express the emotion and spirit of his songs, and so does JBlack. 

JBlack has been amazed, by the poetry, sincerity, story telling and the harmonic construction of Bob Dylan music all his life from the early 60’s to the present day.

In the last decade JBlack has worked in the Tribute area of Music, following the maxims of:

Capture the soul of the original music.

Add some of your own personality to it.

Work 24 hours a day on it.

Then if you are lucky you might get something that be called art.

He has worked on shows that explored the music of Neil Diamond, Simon and Garfunkel, The Rolling Stones and The Bee Gees.

Combining his tribute show experience and his musicianship, he has developed a truly honest portrayal of Bob Dylan’s music with the highest integrity. 

Working with his good friend John The Cap on bass, he has developed a very satisfying stage show, as shown in the video below of an recording of a recent set at the Rockathon. The show features songs from across Bob Dylan’s huge repertoire with many early 60’s songs, through to the seventies with “Blood on the Tracks” receiving significant attention, and songs from “Oh Mercy” in the 80’s, “Time out of Mind” in the nineties and “Modern Times” and “Together Through Life” in more recent times.


“Like A Rolling Stone – The Bob Dylan Story” :

John also has another one man show  singing the songs of Knopfler, Dylan, Cash and his own songs.

The Times they are a changing

After his concert at the St. John’s Theatre and Arts Centre in Listowel, Co. Kerry earlier this year, J.Black went for a quiet drink in John B. Keane’s pub with the theatre director Joe Murphy. The Fine Gael party, then working on the election, had been holding a rally in Listowel and afterwards came into the pub. Jimmy Deenihan,  Listowel TD, having discovered that J Black had been performing in the Theatre persuaded him to give a rousing a capella version of Bob Dylan’s “Times they are a Changing” standing on chair in the pub. As it has turned out this was a very appropriate song choice, as the times have changed and Fine Gael are now in government. The now Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, was in the pub and can be seen in the photograph above thanking J. Black for his song

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