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   Full Moon Rock 'N' Roll Party Band

Category:  Wedding / Corporate
Fee : on application
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Full Moon - a four-piece band with a twist. They have been working the pub, club and wedding circuits for years. 
Their music covers everything from 50’s rock –n–roll through to the noughties and all points in between. So, if you like Greensleeves or Greenday, there’s definitely something here for you.

The twist is that they provide a show as much as music. They consider the visual show to be just as important as their musicianship and include limited costume changes and lighting effects to heighten their customer's enjoyment.

The band provide more than just the usual straight-ahead wedding program. You know the usual stuff - Brown Eyed Girl, etc. You're worth more than that!
Expect to hear and dance to the best in pop, country, ballads, rock, bluegrass, movie themes and if you feel like singing yourself – just send your name up – it’s all part of the crack !!

The lighting rig also lends drama and effect to the whole show.

Instruments played

A live drummer – no synthetic bum-titty-bum rhythms!
Electric bass – filling the sound to perfection.
2 x electric guitars.
An electric 12-string guitar giving an authentic 60’s sound.
Acoustic guitar – providing a strong rhythm.
A mandolin – where appropriate.
A 5-string banjo – a duelling banjos feature – yeehar!
Various bells and whistles!
Past satisfied customers include: Beaufield Mews – Davenport Hotel – Springfield Hotel – Johnstown House, Enfield – Sheldon Park Hotel, Ballyfermot – Keadeen, Newbridge - Ashdown Park, Gorey

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