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Mark Tolan


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Mark singing "You Make Me Feel So Young" live in the Olympia
Theatre in the musical "My Boy Elvis"
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Rat Pack show with Mark Tolan and Liam Murphy as Dean Martin and Luke Thomas as Sammy Davis jnr.


Mark Tolan (Frank Sinatra)
Based in Ireland.
 Category:  Tribute Show.
 Fee: On application.
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Ireland / International.

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Mark at Vicar St. in Rat Pack Show

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Listen to Mark Tolan (click pictures to hear song) All songs were recorded live at The Olympia Theatre.

That's Life You Make Me Feel so Young Witchcraft duet
with "Liam Murphy



Mark Tolan has been singing the music of Frank Sinatra for as long as he can remember, Marks easy laid back vocal  style is ideally suited to present a musical  tribute to the man they called "The Voice"  In a performance which covers many of Sinatra's great hits e.g. New York, New York, You Make Me Feel So Young, My Way etc. plus many, many, more you don't have to be a die hard Sinatra fan to enjoy a night of memorable songs.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra has been called the greatest popular singer of the century. Whether that is true, in a century that also offers us Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Elvis Presley and many others is, of course, a matter of personal emotional choice and, therefore, unknowable. What can be said is that under the intense and fickle scrutiny of the pop marketplace for nearly two-thirds of a century, Sinatra's music was in the air the world breathed and fell out of fashion only long enough for the deserters either to grow up or recognize that what was offered in its place was almost always trash by comparison.

Yet, the force of youth movement and rock music in the late '60s and early '70s seemed to shake his own confidence in his own hipness, and he tried to embrace some of the new material. But after a period of retirement and a few false starts in the recording studio, he returned to form doing the kind of music that told stories worth telling. In the '90s his stubbornness paid off. The youth icons of the '60s and '70s finally came to him to sing his song on his terms. Duets may have received mixed critical reaction, but once again Sinatra was king of the hill, scoring the largest album sales of his career.


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