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   Deirdre Seaver (Harpist / Singer)

Deirdre Seaver
 Based in Ireland.
  Category:  Wedding / Corporate
  Fee: On application.
  Location availability
 Ireland / International.
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Deirdre Seaver began her musical career studying the Irish Harp in secondary school. She continued her music education at the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin where she won the Vandeleur Academy Scholarship for voice. Deirdre has represented Ireland on many diplomatic and cultural occasions, both at home and abroad.

While completing a graduate degree at Boston College, her gift of song was given in tribute to ex-President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, to Nobel Laureate, Seamus Heaney, and to Senator George Mitchell during a ceremony honouring his contribution to the Northern Ireland Peace Process. She also performed in concerts with Phil Coulter and opened for James Taylor at the Wang Center at a celebration concert. Deirdre was the featured vocalist in Busch Gardens, Virginia during a recent twenty-one night production of Cradle of Riverdance. Capacity audiences of four to five thousand per night made it one of the most successful shows ever in Busch Gardens.

Deirdre's corporate work has involved her in representing Ireland both at home and abroad on many diplomatic and cultural occasions where her music and song has entertained Heads of State, Captains of Industry and Foreign Diplomats. What listeners will discover is Deirdre's beautiful voice and a collection of songs to soothe the soul.


On your wedding day, I will arrive 30 to 40 minutes before I start to play, set up and tune the harp, liaise with the sacristan and celebrant, and attend to any last minute details. Usually, I will play background music for 15 to 20 minutes before the wedding service starts, as guests arrive and are seated.

The sacristan, photographer or video- grapher will cue that the service is to begin and the processional for the bride is played. If you choose to have a Candle service, I can play a short piece as the bride and the groom light their individual candles. Depending on the type of Wedding Liturgy, I will sing and play pieces that the couple have selected at appropriate times. If it is a Catholic Mass, liturgical music will be played and sung throughout, in accordance with the guidelines of the Diocese. In these cases, a non-liturgical piece may be sung at the Signing of the Register. The recessional is the last item of the ceremony. I can also continue to play for your Drinks Reception, if you wish to book it. I am happy to play special requests, providing I have the music and adequate time to prepare music that I don't know.


I am proud to have represented Ireland on many diplomatic and cultural occasions both at home and abroad. My performances have entertained Heads of State, Captains of Industry and Foreign Diplomats at home in Ireland, in Europe and in North America. My gift of song has been used to honour ex President of Ireland Mary Robinson, Poet Laureate Seamus Heaney on winning The Nobel Prize, Senator George Mitchell during a ceremony honouring his contribution to the Northern Ireland Peace Process, and Boston College President Fr Donald J. Monan SJ on the occasion of his retirement. It was an honour to be chosen student to represent the International Students during the ceremony  in Conte Forum  as I sang  before 12,000 guests.  I have also been Ireland’s representative at an International Conference in Brighton Conference Centre  where I shared the Stage with Sir Richard Baker and my work has  also  brought me to The World Economic Forum in Davos.  More recently I have  acted as MC at International Music Conferences, International Assemblies and Awards Ceremonies.

As the sole performer at an EU Presidency Dinner in Brussels, the Irish Minister introduced me as “Ireland’s First Lady of Song” – a title I am very proud of!


One of the most difficult things we do in life is to bury our loved ones. It was only when my own father passed away that I realised the capacity music has to uplift and to   create a spirit of comfort and hope. Sometimes music is a way of expressing feelings that words alone may fail to convey. Within an extensive Liturgical Music repertoire, my affinity lies in songs of Comfort and Hope which are always performed with dignity and sensitivity.  I am happy to cantor and lead the congregation and work with the Resident organist or accompany myself on Irish Harp.

If you are thinking of including a piece of non-religious music, you need to speak with the Priest or Pastor first. However, with such a rich and meaningful Liturgical repertoire available it should be easy to choose a Liturgical piece that would mirror the sentiment of a Secular piece of music.

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