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 Sorcaluba (Aerial performers)

Based in Ireland
 Category:  Circus Performers.
 Fee: On application.
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 Ireland / International.

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Sorcaluba was formed in 2008 by Francesca Castellano, Michaela Heyer and Linda Cullen. They will appear as street performers and indoor corporate shows.

We have a new corporate double silks piece called 'Entangle':
Two dancers. Two silks. One performance. An exploration of contemporary dance up in the air. The piece is based on unravelling entanglements while creating connections between the two performers so that they become a mirror image of each other.Through movement, dance and different sound scape an atmospheric ambient is created in which the silks and the performers emanate.


We also have 2 new Chinese pole acts, one is an indoor piece (15 minutes):
Letting go is a fusion of dance, physical theatre and circus skills, resulting in a powerful piece filled with emotion and excitement. Falling is a natural part of any journey. Follow this beautiful story of a fallen girl, broken and unsteady she is hiding from herself and the world. With no understanding of what went wrong and nobody and nothing to trust in she is left to find a new beginning. But to be steady she first needs to learn how to let go.
The piece is based around a 5mtr high Chinese pole allowing for great exploration of the concepts of trust and stability. Our latest walkabout is the 'Crazy Nurses': Watch out when the crazy nurses with their latex prosthetics hit the town. You are guaranteed to be in stitches of laughter and might find yourself left with some stitches of latex afterwards!

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