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  4Till6 (Wedding / Corporate)

 Based in Ireland
  Category:  Wedding / Corporate
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4Till6 are a six-piece cover band with a widely diverse repertoire, spanning all decades, with genres such as R&B/Funk/Soul/Jazz/Blues and Rock as well as all the classic pop tunes. 
The band’s dedicated musicians, coupled with its versatility are quickly earning 
4Till6 a reputation for being one of the most entertaining shows around. Event holders can have every confidence that the band’s professional manner, attention to detail, passion and enthusiasm will ensure the show goes off without a hitch. 

4Till6 boasts a collaboration of six dynamic, well versed musicians and is made up of; 
Ronan Quinn (Bass Guitar) Conor Ray (Drums) Jake Richardson (Keyboard/Vocals) Edward Phelan (Guitar) Gavin Sheridan (Guitar) and Heather Lawrie (Lead Vocals.) Each member of the band delivers high octane, energetic performances night after night, which are guaranteed to have dance floors alive and crowds eager for more. 
Lead Singer and 
4Till6’s very own master of ceremonies, Heather Lawrie, provides riveting vocals, which captivate the imagination of the audience. 
On drums is 
Conor Ray. Conor continues to intrigue the Irish music scene and has been touted as one of the most promising young drummers to emerge from the prestigious Irish music college, BIMM Dublin, in recent years. His percussion performance is bound to leave audiences with a case of Whiplash! 
Ronan Quinn is the band’s bass player. He forms the other half of the rhythm section and plays with a laid back groove, which has been developed through years of honing his considerable talent and gigging throughout the country dabbling with myriad different genres. 
Ed Phelan, one of 4Till6’s two extremely talented guitar players, is a keen student of funk and jazz. He provides much of the rhythmic drive behind the classic floor fillers, which feature in the band’s set. He is a consummate professional and a master of his instrument, providing a fresh, contemporary take on everybody’s favourites. 
Gavin Sheridan, also on guitar duties, has a contrasting style of playing, which when combined with Ed, allows the band to approach any genre of music with a confidence and swagger which only comes from years of experience and study. 
Jake Richardson plays keys for the band and is also a hugely talented vocaist. Heather and Jake both have superb vocal technique, charisma and stage presence.  


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